Monday, July 25, 2011

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I got married and went on my honeymoon. Not to mention that somewhere in there I finished my finals for my second semester at TAD and I am currently in Kansas City attending the TAD summer workshop.

I am constantly looking for the big picture. That picture is where will I go with my art, how can I get there, and how can I ensure that I take care of my family. That's a lot to think about when I am still learning how to draw, paint and compose.

I'll let Michael Jordan make my point today

Michael is widely considered to be the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. The man worked everyday to become as good as he was and even when he was a professional, he failed. What made him the greatest is that he never gave up and never stopped trying to better his craft. I know it is a sports reference video but it applies directly to art. The struggle and road to become a professional artist is the same as the path to become a professional athlete.

So I write this because this video gives me the motivation to go out there and fail. Fail hard so that I can learn something. Have a goal in mind and to do whatever it takes to get there. To go out there with every intention of succeeding. I am not in this game to be mediocre.

Let's keep going. Let's keep climbing and embrace your faceplants. Get right back up again and laugh about it. Recognize what you learned by that failure and move on.


Here are bunch of drawings and paintings from the 2 months. 

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