Wednesday, July 13, 2011

EoW 168

Concept Environment of the Week. Check out more of my sketchbook at Ninjac's Sketchbook

Flavor Text: The last tree on Earth is contained within a sacred glass house high within the city skyline. Triple layered carbon-filament woven glass protects the tree from the massive amounts of pollution and radiation that have blanketed the planet over the past centuries. Large gun ships patrol the surrounding area day and night. One docking bay allows supplies to enter and samples of micro organisms to leave through a highly sophisticated decontamination chamber. Trained at an early age in biochemistry and dendrology (study of trees), only the Priestesses of Gaia are allowed to enter into the glass house. Once in they are a permanent resident, becoming one with their new home. They care for and cultivate the environment with the assistance of the most advanced filtration technologies, until death. It is one of the highest planetary honors and only a select few are chosen amongst the millions of women who compete for the position.

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  1. serious improvement in your personal works josh! keep it up.