Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things to Listen to to get pumped up!

Some times while drawing i find it you need a little companion. be it the sweet song of birds outside, or listening to heavy metal on your iPod. Today I would like to share with everyone a little something to add to that list, I often like to listen to people talk and draw

Sidebar Nation

the first is a cool podcast where you can listen to folks talk about art.. and give interviews to people like Brad Rigney
, Kekai Kotaki, James Jean, and loads of other awesome artists

Dave Rapoza's Livestream

Originality the home of the Crimson Daggers, now its more of Dave showing off some of his paintings he is working on, and can interact with him and ask question and he has a beautiful voice :)

Algenpfleger's Livestream

Just recently started doing normal livestreams and showing his process, quite a cool guy on the stream, check him out as well

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