Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Concept master study from Guild Wars. I say study cause it isn't copied 100% verbatim. Spent a little over 20 hours on it. I altered the composition slightly to fit my interests better but overall I think I got pretty close to the original. This is the level I have to hit now with my own concept illustrations and now I think I understand how to get there. Just have to show it. Going to start a personal piece to be the first. Original is on the left.


  1. Sweet study, Josh! You nailed the colors, and you got the textures and shapes of the mountains really nicely.
    I think you could be a little more careful with the lights in the city though; they seem more deliberate and designed in the original and they sit in the space, where on yours they're a little too much like specks on top of the canvas. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Jon! Yea I had a similar feeling about the city lights. I darkened some of the them but they still seem like they are just specs on top. Might just take some experimenting with brush settings or layers to have them sit in space better.