Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some recent TAD work

OK, here's some semester 2 stuff.

Of course, most of the group work we've been doing is not allowed to be shown because it could make money, so it's kind of NDA right now.


Jon Foster sculpture study, oil

I turned this figure study into an
illustration, as you can see.

Digital study, trying to get the blocky,
smudgy, painterly effect in photoshop

Mostly acrylic with some oil on top.
This is a bad version of the color because it was photographed
in the dark to avoid glare.
Yeah, I like adding imaginative elements to studies...

Anyway, here's a weapon design for predator:

Wish I could show more of the work we're doing in E2D.  Only a matter of time I guess.

Here's some orthos for entertainment design class.

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