Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vignette 2

3 hours work vignette for my composition and color theory class, really enjoyed this one. hope you like it guys.


  1. The ground is really painted awesomely. The hair is a bit flat and the body looks weird too... maybe it's not cohesive with the over all lighting.

    It surely is pretty though~!

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  3. Beautiful piece Ivan. I think its almost there. Like Lior said the lighting is a bit off mostly on the left arm and the back of the neck / top of shoulders. It gets a bit spotty too on the back. You might want to soften some of those areas. I don't mind the flatness of the hair. It brings out a graphic quality that matches the negative tree space. It does look stiff though, like its not quite flowing in the wind.

    Looking forward to seeing more :)